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Global Online Freedom Act of 2006 - States that it is the policy of the United States to: (1) promote the ability of all to access and contribute information, ideas, and knowledge via the Internet; (2) use all instruments of U.S. influence, including diplomacy, trade policy, and export controls, to support, promote, and strengthen the free flow of information; and (3) prohibit any U.S. business from cooperating with officials of Internet-restricting countries in effecting potential censorship of online content.

The 2006 Global Online Freedom Act, the first attempt of it's kind, contains language that holds that:

(1) the President should commence international negotiations to obtain the agreement of other countries to enact legislation similar to this Act and to pursue the development of international agreements protecting Internet freedom; and (2) some U.S. businesses, in assisting or empowering an authoritarian foreign government to restrict online access to websites such as the Voice of America and other broadcasts and information, are working contrary to U.S. foreign policy interests and undercutting efforts to promote freedom of information for all people.

It would establish an of Global Internet Freedom to take specified actions to strengthen global freedom of electronic information. It directs the President to designate Internet-restricting countries, to provides minimum standards for U.S. businesses with respect to the protection of online freedom in foreign countries and it authorizes the establishment of export controls against Internet-restricting foreign countries.

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