Mark Z. DanielewskiEdit

Born on March 5th, 1966, Mark Z. Danielewski is an American author who studied at Yale, Berkely, and USC School Of Cinema and Television. His most notable work has been House Of Leaves which has gained a huge cult following both from the early internet variations as well as from the printed release in March of 2000. His most recent work, Only Revolutions, while not nearly as popular as House Of Leaves, was a finalist for a 2006 National Book Award. Danielewski's novels are usually characterized by experiments in form and writing style, such as archaic and multi-layered narratives, typographical layouts, and inconsistent page orientation. Mark's sister, musician Poe, also developed an album dealing with the events and characters in the book House Of Leaves. The album title was "Haunted" and was a relative success.

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