A media revolution that slowly started in the late 90's and the beginning of this millennium - not so much the death of mass media, but the emersion of ambitious media authors seeking identity and voice. As new technologies allowed users to create nearly the same media as large production companies, a new generation of media makers was born. Now anyone can create pictures, music, and video and share them with others via internet. It is also directly linked to Commons-based peer production. Bloggers and people who create personal profile sites (Facebook, MySpace, etc...) join a vast network of other individuals seeking answers and asking questions. News doesn't spread by phone calls or television as much anymore in comparison to the internet. More and more individuals are becoming entrepreneurs, creating their own content for others to view on the internet or and other media outlet.

Join the Revolution!Edit

  • create personal profile sites
  • create your own website!
  • contribute to wikipedia and other bulletins
  • collect your favorite websites
  • research media software
  • take online surveys
  • write online reviews

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