A Rickroll, or rickrolling, is a popular online prank originating on Youtube. Being Rickrolled, occurs when a person sends a link that holds a youtube URL to a version of Rick Astley's music video "Never Gonna Give You Up" in place of what the recipient had expected.

Recently, The New York Mets had an online ballot for a song to be played during the season. Multiple Online Communities, originally, lobbied users to write in Astley's Video. The vote for the ballot reached a much larger audience than expected and with the inclusion of a write in option, and Rick Astely's song was chosen, and subsiquently played on the Met's Shea Stadium Scoreboard, effectivly rickrolling the entire crowd of baseball fans.

On April 1st, 2008, Youtube rickrolled its own users by having all of the day's featured videos link to the infamous music video, as an April Fools Day joke.



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