Search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy whose main goal is to improve the rankings of a web site. Basically, what search engine optimization does is make a web site more "search-engine friendly". Keyword-targeting, content optimization and web site redesign are some of the strategies used by SEO experts.

Categories of SEO Edit

Search engine optimization may either be "white hat" or "black hat". SEO techniques are considered to be white-hat if they adhere to the general guidelines set by search engines like Google and Yahoo! If on the other hand it uses "unethical" techniques like hiding texts and doorway passages, then it is considered to be black hat SEO.While some SEO esperts still utilize black hat techniques, most search engine marketing companies try to avoid them as getting caught using them risks getting penalized by search engines (in some cases, the search engines would even go as far as removing a web site from their index.)

External links Edit

Google's Webmaster's Guidelines

Fruit Engine - a search engine marketing company.

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